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Corporate PR

This focuses on managing the reputation and image of a company as a whole. Practitioners in corporate PR work on building relations with stakeholders, managing corporate communications, and handling crisis communications.

The New Age  Entertainment PR

In the digital landscape, social media influencers hold a unique and powerful position. With their vast reach, authentic voices, and dedicated followers, these social media mavens are reshaping how audiences connect with brands, entertainment, and causes.

Healthcare PR

This is tailored to the healthcare industry, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and wellness brands. The focus is on promoting health products, services, and campaigns

Technology PR

Aimed at promoting and launching tech products and services. Practitioners in this field need a good understanding of the tech industry and its rapid changes.

Associated PR Service

Local PR or Small Business PR, which emphasises community engagement, local media relations, and building a loyal customer base in a specific locality or niche. Start-Up PR or Launch PR, focusing on product launches, raising brand awareness, securing initial traction, and potentially aiding in fundraising efforts.

Travel and Tourism PR

Catering specifically to the travel industry, this PR promotes destinations, resorts, and travel services.

Personal Branding PR

This PR service focuses on building and maintaining the image of individual professionals. It's essential for life coaches and business coaches, as their personal brand often plays a significant role in attracting clients.


Not sure which service.

Entertainment PR

This encompasses promoting individuals (like celebrities, artists, and performers, motivational speakers) or entertainment products (like movies, TV shows, music releases).

Consumer PR

This targets consumers directly and is aimed at promoting products and services. It's heavily used by businesses that sell directly to consumers, such as tech companies, fashion brands, and food and beverage companies.

Non-profit PR

Also called cause PR, this focuses on promoting non-profit organizations and their causes. The emphasis is on building awareness and support for charitable and social issues.

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