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In brief…What We Do


3rd4PR mantra is 'Be prepared', don’t wait until you are in the thick of it to enlist a PR, ensure crisis management is covered within your PR strategy. Whether it is a press quote in a quality print title or a tweet from the wrong person which can be broadcast to thousands of your customers in seconds, you need to ensure your PR is ready with the appropriate strategy. Not being ready, may lose a brand valuable time, if a response is deemed appropriate, sometimes leaving further rumours or assumptions to spread especially once the message has gone viral.


3rd4PR offers a number of Content Styles

You want a company with experience creating the types of content that you need. We get that! That’s why we’ve collected a diverse group of experience working as:

  • Brand journalists

  • SEO experts

  • Lead generation writers

  • Subject matter specialists

  • Social media influencers

  • Advertising copywriters

  • Technical writers

  • Press release writers

  • Media, film & music copywriters

No matter what type of writer you need, we can fit the project perfectly.



Powerfully detailed Branding for a company is the best structure for its growth. We hold both strong, honest, relationships with celebrities and personalities directly, as well as relationships nurtured via agents, stylists, glam squads, record labels, A&Rs, publicists and photographers, blogs.


3rd4PR engages you with conversations your consumers might already be having. We will reach out to your target online community and broaden your online presence. Social & digital media is a core element in the PR mix, 3rd4PR offer fully integrated campaigns or support as required.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Tik Tok etc

  • Forums

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Video Sharing

  • Photo Sharing

  • Infographics

  • and more…




3rd4PR  as well as working closely with established names; our other division are constantly forging relationships with all the latest up and coming talent to ensure our clients are kept ahead of the pack and working with the hottest names in the Industry.

our ever growing global virtual teams supports the UK office in seeding to a breadth of international opportunities in product placement, film placement, publishing, song placement, music production placement.



 3rd4PR Branded offers startups a end to end comprehensive service that not only reflects your company values but places you in a positive position for growth. 



And so on.....

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